Hexagonal Manganite Crystal Structure

The Griffin Group

We are a research group based in the Materials Science Division and Molecular Foundry at Berkeley Lab.

A multidisciplinary theory and computation group that solves the most fun materials challenges ranging from future technologies to high-energy physics.

Dark Matter

Dark matter detection and quantum sensing

A key open question in cosmology is the nature of dark matter, and in particular, its direct detection. MORE…


Beyond Moore’s Law

The inevitable slowing down of Moore’s law will be a key hurdle for developing the next-generation of microelectronics. Spintronic and multiferroic materials have emerged as leading contenders for our future electronics. MORE…


Quantum materials

“Quantum materials” is the term given to a new paradigm in condensed matter physics – encompassing materials with exotic physical properties that have potential technological importance. MORE…


Analog materials for early universe theories

Many high-energy theories require large, expensive equipment like the Large Hadron Collider at CERN to test their predictions. Furthermore, some would require us to repeat the Big Bang in the laboratory – an impossible task.


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The Griffin Group is led by Sinéad Griffin and encompasses research at the boundaries of physics, material science, chemistry and computation.