Sinéad Griffin

Dr. Sinéad M. Griffin

Staff Scientist
Materials Science Division and Molecular Foundry, Berkeley Lab

email: sgriffin at lbl-dot-gov



  • Dr. Temuujin Bayaraa
  • Dr. Bradford A. Barker (Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Merced)
  • Dr. Jack Broad
  • Dr. Bernard Field
  • Dr. Nicholas Dale
  • Dr. Musa Hussien
  • Dr. Guy Moore


  • Ernest Hermosillo


Former postdocs and graduate students
  • Dr. Katherine Inzani (Prof. at University of Nottingham, UK)
  • Dr. Evan Sheridan (Quantum Software Researcher, Phasecraft)
  • Dr. Thomas Harrelson (Scientific Computing Engineer, Emerald Cloud Lab)
  • Dr. Raul Flores
  • Dr. Iflah Laraib (Research And Development Engineer, First Solar)
  • Dr. Sushant Behera
  • Dr. Lakshay Dheer (Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University)
  • Ripeng Luo
Former undergraduate interns
  • Amy Searle (Graduate student, University of Oxford, UK)
  • Ibrahim Hajar (Graduate student, Imperial College London, UK)
  • Nima Leclerc (Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania)
  • Susana Torres-Londoño (Graduate student, Caltech)
  • Arsineh Apelian (Graduate student, UC Santa Barbara)
  • Daniel La Rocco (Graduate student, UC Irvine)
  • Jennifer Garrison (research intern, LBNL)
  • Nicholas Solan (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Brianna Aguilar (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Alexa Alcala (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Edward Kinyon (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Kevin Rubio (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Luis Godinez Rodriguez (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Mack Sowers (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Megan Lee (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
  • Amoolya Grandhi (Graduate student, UC Santa Barbara)
  • Benjamin Justus (Graduate student, University of Michigan)
  • Nora Taufertshofer (Graduate student, ETH Zürich)
  • Trinh ‘Thy’ Huynh (Graduate student, MIT)
  • Anastasia Simonova (continuing student, UC Berkeley)
Former visitors
  • Maxwell Edmonds-Drati (now undergraduate student at University of San Francisco)
  • Dr. Paul Corbae (now Postdoctoral Scholar at UC Santa Barbara)
  • Gerald Kaemmerer (University Duisburg-Essen)
  • Kevin Moseni (UC Riverside)