Group meeting

March 13 Katie and Jisook March 27 Ruoxi and Andreas (guest) April 10 Katie and David May 1 Jisook and Tommy May 15 Ruoxi and Katie May 29 Amy and Jisook June 5 Cancelled June 12 Tommy and David [...]

Quantum Materials

“Quantum materials” is the term given to a new paradigm in condensed matter physics – encompassing materials with exotic physical properties that have potential technological importance. They [...]

Beyond Moore’s Law

The inevitable slowing down of Moore’s law will be a key hurdle for developing the next-generation of microelectronics. Spintronic and multiferroic materials have emerged as leading [...]


Axion-matter coupling in multiferroics.Heinrik Roising, Benjo Fraser, Sinéad M. Griffin, Sumanta Bandyopadhyay, Aditi Mahabir, Sang-Wook Cheong, and Alexander BalatskyarXiv (2021) iFermi: A Fermi [...]